Golden State Warriors coach, Steve Kerr, admitted to the media that he had lied


I loved it when Golden State Warriors coach, Steve Kerr, admitted to the media that he had lied to said media earlier in the day, hiding the fact that his eventual Game 4 winning lineup would be the ‘short’ (and quicker) version of the team. If Kerr had told the truth, the media would have sprinted to Cleveland Cavaliers coach, David Blatt, for a response all the while allowing Blatt and his coaching staff extra time to prepare for the lineup distinction. The players and the media have different goals is nothing new and I, as you, can highlight a number of those goals, but my first reaction was that the media lies too.

I harkened back to 1980, (yikes you have to be in your forties to remember those days) anyway, a non-regular beat reporter, came to my clubhouse stall looking for controversy. It was fairly obvious, like one of those psychological intelligence tests that asks a question three different ways amid the 188 questions. He was looking for conflict between fellow outfielder, Rusty Staub and me, sharing left-field essentially in a platoon. I was fairly confident that I checked every attempt to create conflict, and evidently Rusty was too, but when the paper came out the following day, well, the reporter simply lied.

I had been misquoted or mis-paraphrased before, which was annoying enough, but to flat out lie about my responses as if no matter what I said, the end result was not going to represent what I expressed, well, my ire is still up 35 years later. Rusty called the sports editor in an attempt to voice his displeasure, but somehow that person was hard to find. Wouldn’t have mattered, I’m guessing it was the sports editor who told the veracity lacking reporter to stir up some sh**, er mess out there in Arlington. So, when the media is lied to, ha, suck it up, how does that castor oil taste? I really have tried to let it go, but my elephant memory just hasn’t allowed it …

Billy Sample

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