Bow-Tie chain’s cinema and Reunion 108

bow-tie-thearter-and-reunion-108-billy-sampleIt’s a couple of days from being ‘official-official’, but I have the chisel against the stone and the mallet descending for a week of Reunion 108 at the Bow-Tie chain’s cinema in Washington Township/Township of Washington (Bergen County, NJ). The week will start either June 20th or June 27th, update later this week. For this indie producer this is a big litmus test, if the movie does very well in attendance, we get at least another week, and who knows after that, and I’m counting on the, “Who knows after that?” … oh, I have some movie merchandize too …

Billy Sample

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Dave Zirin show

Hey Baseball and all other folks,

Tomorrow, February, 28th, I’m scheduled to join Dave Zirin, sports editor of the Nation Magazine, on his radio show, The Edge of Sports, to discuss the movie, Reunion 108.  Both Dave and I have been opponents of the use of Native American nicknames for sports teams, and I imagine we’ll touch on that subject, as I have a scene in the movie parodying that issue.  Best of health, Billy

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