Billy’s thoughts on Manny Machado got into a scuffle with Josh Donaldson

Okay, let me get this straight, Manny Machado was running from second to third, (see video here on )unsuccessfully tries to avoid Josh Donaldson’s tag, takes umbrage at the force of the tag, and jumps into the third baseman’s face, before an apology could be issued, though we’re not exactly sure an apology is warranted. Then at the plate, Donaldson is once flipped before being hit by the pitch. I know margins are going to cross in this game, but it’s not as though Machado gave himself up and Donaldson slammed him in the chest with ball in glove. I harken back to days of yesteryear, on the pickoff play at second, Bobby Grich would often drop his knee on the west side of the bag, taking away most opportunities for a safe headfirst slide. A strong feet first slide or going back to the bag standing up was most prudent, if the baserunner had enough time to facilitate this. Once, going back standing up, Wayne Tolleson, unintentionally elbowed Grich in the face. Tolleson offered a quick apology, that evidently wasn’t accepted, because on the next play, another pickoff throw to second, Grich made no attempt at the ball that sailed into centerfield and started punching Tolleson. Our baserunner, giving up four to five inches in height must have conjured up his football playing days at Western Carolina University as he tackled Grich and held him at bay long enough for the calvary, er, the Texas Rangers to come to the rescue. Okay, so it’s not a generational thing … and while I immodestly have your attention, my baseball/clubhouse movie, Reunion 108 will have at least a week’s run beginning Friday, June 20th at the Washington Township Bow-Tie theater (Bergen County N.J.) 201-666-9449, 07676 area code. The movie has an IMDB page, Facebook and website for more information. And to add to the shameless plug, Cafe Press has some apparel through BillySample@pastpros or


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